Campus Rider

   Campus Rider is a solar-electric, human-interfaced vehicle for Urbanites.

London drivers clock an average speed of 12 mph, which is slower than Berlin at 15 mph and Warsaw at 16 mph. Campus Rider is a Low-Speed, Urban-Center and Neighborhood Vehicle that operates between 15 and 20 mph.

Campus Rider can easily mingle and coexist with pedestrians and cyclists in an urban environment. It can also coexist with other vehicles in a neighborhood setting. Campus Rider can easily move within metropolitan areas through the existing low-speed roads.




Campus Rider’s simplicity allows for owner-based repairs in most conditions. It requires very little maintenance. No oil changes, no gasoline, no brake or motor fluids are needed. Campus Rider can be safely operated indoors because it is a no-emissions vehicle, and produces no harmful gases. Campus Rider does not need a spare tire nor any of its related accessories because it is fitted with puncture-proof foam tires.







Ideal for neighborhoods, Security Patrols, Airports, Mail, Warehouses, Jogging, Light Cargo, Shopping, Hospitals, and University Campuses among others.




The interior and exterior lighting systems are fitted with state of the art LED lamps. Front lamps charge during the day and turn on automatically at sunset.












Campus Rider incorporates a surface-mounted photovoltaic system capable of generating 300 watts/day. It can be recharged in two sun-exposed days.

Campus Rider’s projected retail price ranges from $2,000 to $3,500, depending on the selected model. The Campus Rider is at the prototype stage.

Campus Rider Design Team: Fernando Abruña, Eckhardt Wagner, and Héctor Rosario.
Consulting Team: David Serrano, Gerardo Cosme, Hector Orlandi, and Máximo Torres.










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